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Shamanism at it’s best

Hello and Welcome to the stories of a Storm Breaker

Time for Dancing

I’ve been going through it. Whatever “it” is has been clinging to me heavily for a while now. I mean, the whole kit and kaboodle from questioning my faith/chosen path, to questioning myself and morals and whether or not I should keep on keeping on, to wondering why I even bother anymore. Why try? Why…

Spiritual Awakenings or something like it

This was prompted by a Facebook post I saw today and I thought it was an interesting topic. In the pagan sphere of the world, we talk about spiritual awakenings and how wonderful and amazing and vital they are to your path. But we never talk about what a spiritual awakening is and the trauma…

Sowing Seeds and Growing with Freyr

This is in response to a reader’s request. I was asked about my relationship with Freyr and what it was like for me to work with Him.                I will offer a bit of back story, first. Towards the beginning of my path, I was snagged up by Odin rather quickly, like many of us…

New year, new you (Blows raspberry)

We have reached the time of year where the resolutions are running around rampant and garnering our attentions as we step into the New Year. Phrases like “New year, new you” and “make this a better year then the last” fill our social medias while people proclaim they are going to lose that weight this…

Living a Spiritual Life

As I take the time to shift my own spiritual practice, adjusting aspects of it to fit my life a little more fully, I realize the advice I’m finding might be useful for those of you here. You’ve probably read a lot of what is about to be said, but maybe there’s something new here…

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