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Shamanism at it’s best

Hello and Welcome to the stories of a Storm Breaker

We are the Monsters Final part of Chapter two

Cleo had used a good chunk of her credits to pick out a specific meal at the market for the two of them, but it wasn’t enough to lift Evin’s spirits. She took the news of Cleo’s morning departure harder than usual, devolving into a sour mood throughout dinner. Idle conversation, tales of Cleo’s adventures,…

We are the Monsters Chapter two Part three The People of Carrol

By the time Cleo had changed and cleaned up, the whole of Carrol was awake and heading out to their jobs. Keeping her distance from the inhabitants wasn’t a challenge. Most of everyone who lived here gave Cleo a wide berth, either out of respect or fear, she couldn’t decide. The red brick, two story…

We are the Monsters Chapter Two Part two The people of Carrol

Carrol was comprised of several buildings stretching across five city blocks, three that held the old high school and sports fields turned farm land, and two that held multiple apartment buildings. The original survivors built their home in the high school, but as more people showed up, they eventually expanded out into the surrounding area.…

We are the Monsters Chapter two part one: The people of Carrol

Bursting through the door of Babel’s office, Cleo strode inside without being invited. To the older woman’s credit, she didn’t flinch when Cleo slammed the missive down onto her desk and demanded “What the hell is this?” Babel, adjusting her multi-colored glasses, leaned back in her chair with a heavy sigh. The tight silver and…

We are the Monsters

               “It wasn’t supposed to be… This.” -MT 247-39 Chapter one: The messanger Cleo Tanner perched on the edge of a roof like one of those stone gargoyles you see at the top of banks. The building itself might have been a bank or office building at one time, but now it blended into the…

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