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Sowing Seeds and Growing with Freyr

This is in response to a reader’s request. I was asked about my relationship with Freyr and what it was like for me to work with Him.

               I will offer a bit of back story, first. Towards the beginning of my path, I was snagged up by Odin rather quickly, like many of us that find ourselves drawn to the Heathen faith. I worked with many aspects of Odin over the years until one day we decided to split ways for a while. My path at the time had me walking up Mountains and away from the forests. It was a difficult decision at the time, but a fruitful one. When it was ok for me to return to exploring my Heathen roots, I was offered an intense dream from the fates.

               The long house was packed full of the Gods, drinking, singing, sharing a meal, and generally just enjoying each-others company. I was surprised to find myself, a lowly mortal, amongst their company. Tracking down Odin, I asked if this was a representation of my return to Heathenry, and what should I do to honor this merriment.

               Gently taking my hands, He led me over to a figure seated at the head of the table, a female counter part at His side, and placed my hands in His. Odin said then “I am passing you along to my brother, and my friend. He will handle you more carefully than I ever did and I am grateful to be your giver.”

               I woke shortly after that and requested divination from various sources as well as doing my own. Turns out the dream was a symbolic marriage to Freyr. I spent sometime sitting with this act to see how I felt about it. What did it mean? Why was I chosen? Was there something I was missing? And, please send me some signs in the way I will recognize for confirmation. Shortly thereafter, I discovered my almond allergy. My husband then shared an article with me about bee keepers pleading with the public to give up their addiction to almonds because of how damaging it was to their hives. Turns out, almond blossoms offer little to bee’s and they end up working themselves to death or disease by pollinating the trees.

               Turning to journey work, I traveled to have a meeting with Freyr. I asked if this was one of the signs, and laughing He said “What better way then to speak through your real-life husband?” So, almonds became a spiritual taboo for me, as well as being actually allergic to them. After this, I took my dedication to Freyr a little more seriously. Having just started out on a true Heathen path, I was eager to learn. But I wanted to learn from the well of the Gods and not from the words of the people who walked the path. Not that their information is wrong or misleading (though some of it is), but because I wanted to know the Gods within my own hearth and home before I knew them within the hearths and homes of others.

               Freyr taught me so much about what my path was supposed to look like and where to turn. He encouraged me to look to the natural world. To see the plants, not as individuals, but as a spiritual whole. They have unique voices, but while one plant can teach a specific lesson, all of them together teach us a much larger one. We are all important. We are all needed. We all work together when allowed to exist.

               He taught me a special kind of magic that I will choose to keep to myself, as it is a personal mystery. But I can at least talk about it. Freyr reopened the connection between my spirit as a human and the spirit of the world around me. He removed the dam society placed and broke the walls I was taught to build between myself and the world I live on. He taught me the magic of seeds and how to harness and understand the link between the sprouting of a seed and the energy of creation. He showed me how sexual arousal and orgasms are linked to this natural occurrence within the bodies of seeds and within the body of creation. And not just the creation of life, either. I’m talking about the creation of everything. Songs, paintings, drawings, dance etc. There is a subtle, but powerful, energy there for a split second that often goes unobserved. He taught me how to see it and to feel it through private means.

               I spent nearly a year with Freyr as my teacher before His sister lovingly took my hands and helped me step beyond that divine spark of creation. The pair work almost in tandem with each other, though they often occupy opposite sides of the same coin. While Freyr’s energetic workings are chaotic and explosive, Freya’s are softer, more refined and focused. Each has a purpose and a place within the realms of Seidr.

               Though I no longer have a regular daily practice with Freyr, my taboo remains as well as my allergy along with a few others that have cropped up over the years. In the fields or within my own gardens, I dedicate the planting of seeds, whispering prayers as I tend the plants, feeling their life’s energy infuse my own as I sow and work the ground. As we harvest, I thank each plant individually and as a whole before and after we pick, dedicating the sweat and the spent energy to Freyr, cultivating a sense of gratitude before the product ever reaches the tables at market.

               One of the best lessons He ever taught me was how our energies are linked. During magical workings or physical labor in the fields, I used to spend what little energy I had to make something work or grow, but He taught me how reciprocal energetic workings are more powerful for both the Magic and the sprouting of seeds. The trick, He said, was finding the link between us.

               The teachings He offered me were simplistic in nature, but difficult because I had to tap into the memory of my soul. He removed the veil placed over my eyes by society and helped me see the world for what it actually is. He taught me that magic, if you wish to call it that, is everywhere. And one of the most powerful things He’s ever taught me, was that I am not separate from the World. My place here is as important as the grasses place, or the birds, or fish. He taught me we were meant to be stewards of the Earth and it is our task to tend our Gardens, both physical and metaphorical. Though I had done a lot of inner work with Hel as my guide, Freyr taught me how to grow and fertilize or fill my own well. He also taught me how important it was that I become an active member in my own life instead of just in the lives of those around me.

               Freyr’s teachings basically taught me that I am the master architect of my own world. Saying to me “You simply cannot experience life for what it has to offer if you don’t know what it feels like to be within your own body. Yes, you are a soul having a human experience, but you are also a spirit on a physical journey. That includes the body you are piloting.”

               If you like what I do, let me know! If there’s something you want me to talk about, comment down below and I’ll try to include it within my blog posts. I hope everyone has the loveliest of lovely days and I hope a smile comes your way. I believe in you and I hope life treats you well.

Published by Lady Storm

I am a spiritual practitioner that has walked many different paths. Some could call me a jack of all trades when it comes to belief systems. While I don't hold all the answers, I hold many tools that will help unearth answers to questions anyone may have.

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