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New year, new you (Blows raspberry)

We have reached the time of year where the resolutions are running around rampant and garnering our attentions as we step into the New Year. Phrases like “New year, new you” and “make this a better year then the last” fill our social medias while people proclaim they are going to lose that weight this year or travel more or go back to school or whatever false pretense they wish to set themselves up in. Yes, you heard me correctly. False.

               I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear. I’m sorry. But! I have a solution. One of my former teachers, Beth Anderson of Mythic Pose, has come up with a brilliant method to approaching this new year with grace and ease. Please go follow her on Instagram, facebook, and now you can find her on youtube. She even has a membership program on her website that has so much to offer! I want to be very clear that this is my take on her teachings. Go show her some love, because everything I do and everything I share has roots in what she’s taught me and tell her I sent you.

               We all know that resolutions are inspiring and exciting to think about as we approach a new year. It’s been a long tradition that we have cultivated through the ages to be this glorious and amazing thing (exaggerated eye roll). People we haven’t spoken to in years come out of the wood works to cheer us on as we proclaim that we are going to do X, Y, or Z this year. And it’s exciting because we too get the opportunity to cheer our family and friends on as they embark on this doomed journey.

               Storm, you’re being awfully negative about this super exciting and positive thing I’m really looking forward to succeeding at. What’s the deal? Well, the problem with resolutions is that we often restrict our capabilities too much and end up failing in the end. How many resolutions did you set and ultimately fail in the past? How many years have you decided to not set one because you knew you’re not going to stick to it? How many times have you wondered why we even do this?

               If you look at gyms, wellness centers, yoga studios, nutritionists, and martial trainers, you can see a trend in the influx of business they get throughout the months of January and February, but as the weeks stretch into months, you notice more and more people drop off of that bandwagon. What is that? Why do we keep setting ourselves up for disaster every year, and with gusto? Excitement? Why do we keep failing?

               For me, it’s this sticky little idea that as long as I have the force of my will to keep myself moving forward, I’m bound to succeed, right? If I just keep forcing that narrative I placed for myself at the beginning of this year and stick to the map I created, essentially trying to fit an ever changing shape in all the wrong size holes, I can just make it fit, right? I can do to this!

               Wrong! Because my vision and understanding of myself and the world I’ve created is too narrow. I don’t account for disasters or emergencies, I don’t consider the act of forgiveness, I don’t bring into light the idea that my goal is as fluid as a dream. And really, if I don’t have a set goal, I’m doing it wrong. There are lists (LISTS) of a hundred things people have put together to offer you inspiration about what you should resolve to do this coming year. But if you look at them carefully, they are all restricted to one task, one view point of our prismatic world, one singular action that’s meant to make us sit within a confined space. We are human! We aren’t meant to live in boxes. We are intelligent, creative, inspiring, funny, kind.

               I want you to take a moment and think about 2021. What was missing from your life? What did you have too much of? What do you wish could have been different? And most importantly, what of all of those things did you have control over? It’s pandemic times (still, I know), and there are a lot of things we have missed out in the last two years, with only a few returning over the course of 2021 (often times over priced or sold out in an instant because like I said, we’re human we don’t thrive in boxes). It’s been hard, I know. Take a look at all the things you did have control over and see if there is an idea that connects them all. Try to boil it down to one idea or observation or title they can all fit loosely beneath. Maybe that idea is Happiness, Creativity, Inspiration, Mindfulness, Understanding, Growth, Beauty.

               Got one or two ideas? Good, lets look at creativity. It’s such an easy one to adapt. Flip your paper over or grab a new sheet and write Creativity on the top and come up with at least twelve different activities or things that will help you cultivate Creativity in your life. What makes you feel creative? Painting, writing, drawing, coloring, redecorating your space. Those are all very good answers, but can you be more creative when seeking out a solution? Can you be creative while doing the dishes by changing up the music you’re listening to? Can you be creative while you fold laundry and dance with your bedsheets? Can you be creative by looking at something more deeply than you did before? How much of your world can you be creative with? And where were you restricting creativity? Can you change that?

               The reason why I had you pick twelve things is because you are going to try a new one each month. Maybe you did pick Creativity (the first time I did this I chose courage; it was quite the ride). For the month of January, you chose drawing. Even if it’s doodling in the margins of your work memos, that’s cultivating creativity. You don’t have to restrict your monthly activity to just drawing with charcoal or colored pencils. I do encourage you to focus on at least one activity per month to help you cultivate that idea you’re trying to bring forward within your life. But if that activity doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel good, change it! You have my permission to go off the board and choose a different one!

               The most important thing is to remember that this idea is flexible and is allowed to shift and change over the course of the year. Allow yourself to suck at things and enjoy sucking at things. After all, your resolution wasn’t to become better at drawing, it was to cultivate creativity within your life. So, go forth and be amazing. The hardest step is the first one, but once you realize that the ground is solid, each step after that is much easier. Believe in your ability to change your own world. You are the master architect. Build something amazing.

               If you like what I do, like this post and leave me a comment down below about what you thought or if this was helpful. This blog was born the year I chose to be more courageous within my life and it’s because of you that I do this. I love to hear your feedback, so please let me know what you want to see from me this coming year. Enjoy today and every day, even in the smallest of ways and always be your best self, even if that best is only ten percent. If anyone complains, tell them I gave you permission. Don’t worry darlings, you’re doing just fine. And never forget, I believe in you and all that you’re doing. You got this.

Published by Lady Storm

I am a spiritual practitioner that has walked many different paths. Some could call me a jack of all trades when it comes to belief systems. While I don't hold all the answers, I hold many tools that will help unearth answers to questions anyone may have.

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