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Shadow work Part 6?

I have to issue an apology first. The last few months have been a bit hectic for me. Just yesterday I dropped a brick on my toe and am dealing with that pain along with exhaustion brought on from work and having little to no time to do anything but just exist. Also, I’ve been picked up by Freyja who has requested that I set aside my Mesa and my Q’ero path for the time being while I explore what the Norse path has to offer.

The TDLR is that I’ve been experiencing a vast amount of change in a very short time period. With all that being said, I’m still here and still wanting to share with you the journey of shadow. Let’s dive back in, ok?

A quick refresher (because even I need them sometimes). Make sure you’ve followed the guidelines in the first shadow work post so you have your bug out bag in hand. Make sure that you have post it notes or another kind of delivery system to give you reminders to actually participate in one of the things on your list, at the very least, once a day. These things will not take up too much time, and it is extremely beneficial to the work you are doing. Finally, try to check in with yourself at least once a day. Set aside five minutes to ask yourself “how am I doing” and really allow the space to truly express yourself without judgement, excuses etc. If you come back saying “I’m tired/angry/frustrated/upset/sad etc” gently remind yourself that it is OK to experience these feelings and give yourself a little hug. (everyone needs a little hug from time to time) And breathe. Conscious breathing has so many benefits to calming and re-centering ourselves, give it a try!

Today we are going to revisit Fear. In the last one I wrote about overcoming a big physical fear of crossing a sketchy bridge to a whole new path. Right now, I want to talk about discerning between fear to keep you safe and fear that holds you back.

As humans, we have survived for thousands of years because of the aspect of fear linked to survival. You’ve heard about the fight or flight response, and the recently added freeze reaction, to fear. This is basic survival etched into our DNA to keep us ALIVE. It’s a guarantee that at some point in your life you’ve experienced this, either through experiencing a dangerous situation, or hearing that little voice in the back of you head when you get too close to the cliffs edge that says “Beware! Danger!”. This fear is useful. This fear keeps you safe and alive. When it comes right down to it, this is the natural fear you should listen to. For my spiritual peeps, think of this fear as generations of ancestors screaming at you telling you to halt, run, or fight.

I think we understand the survival fear well enough to expand out into the other kind of fear. While the fight, flight, or freeze response still happens with this other fear, it has little to do with survival. This is irrational fear. For me, this fear peeks out when I do something new that is outside of my norm. Take this blog for example. I had the idea to write a blog about shadow work years ago, but my fear of not having all the answers, having people bash me or make fun of me for posting this, or just flat being ignored or forgotten made me freeze and ignore my desire to share what I’ve learned with the world.

I had to discern the difference between the irrational fear and the survival fear in order to realize that I could step beyond that fear and start writing. I, also, had to do some studying and research to improve my writing and actually had to learn how to write a blog! I began to dig and find tools that would help me surpass or circumvent the fear I was experiencing so that way the fear no longer had a foot hold in my life. When the fear would say “but you’re not good enough and no one will listen” I had to counter it with “I can’t get better if I don’t write, and if I don’t write then I will never know if anyone likes what I have to share. And even if I only reach one person, then my work is complete. Because that’s the point, isn’t it?” And it would silence the fear enough for me to sit down and type.

A sneaky trap that fear tried to catch me with was molding itself to look like the need for research and learning. I began talking about going back to school and buying all these books and taking seminars and and and before I ever even started writing. It took another person looking at me and saying “While education is all well and good, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the writing process by filling it with study. If what you want to do is write, then write. Fill in the gaps of knowledge as you go, but don’t replace writing with schooling.”

This was what we on the show like to call a clue by four. I was feeding into the fear of sharing my stuff by insisting that I needed a higher education to do the thing.

It may seem like I’m talking myself into circles. What I’m asking you to do is to get to know your fear. Begin to understand when it’s a survival instinct and when it’s an irrational/learned/inherited fear. This, again, is an important distinction. Survival fear will keep you alive, but irrational fear will hold you back.

An exercise that may be helpful to those of you struggling with discernment, is something called “Morning pages” that comes from the Artists way, by Julia Cameron. Basically, what the morning pages is is a way to free the mind of clutter. You take time in the morning (duh lol) to write out three pages worth of mind gunk before beginning your day. For me, this time turned into a contemplative conversation with myself. I would come up with questions and contemplate what the answers might be and write everything down. If an answer didn’t fit or make any sense I would keep writing until I found what fit. This exercise has helped me to understand so much, not only about myself, but about my spiritual path, my life, my desires, my interests and so much more. If writing isn’t your thing, try recording a three-five-minute conversation with yourself and listen back to it.

I was going to talk about something else with this post, but I think that’s enough to chew on for now. Don’t forget, if you need assistance or are seeking clarity on something, please feel free to email me. With work and life, it might take me a day or so to get back to you, but I will respond as soon as I am able. My email is Support during this work is vitally important. Please don’t believe you must walk through shadow alone. Myself and many other practitioners have walked through these mists and know the way. Reach out if you need. Love to you and yours, and may your path be weathered safely.

Published by Lady Storm

I am a spiritual practitioner that has walked many different paths. Some could call me a jack of all trades when it comes to belief systems. While I don't hold all the answers, I hold many tools that will help unearth answers to questions anyone may have.

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  1. Wow, I just read through all of your posts on shadow work, and I’m absolutely blown away. (I’m coming to this blog from Around Grandfather Fire, btw). I’m at least one person you’ve reached, and I really needed to hear you. I unknowingly and then recklessly started facing my shadows this year, without any of the supports and tools your first post suggested. To say that it was and has been a disaster is an understatement. Your blueprint on how to do the work safely and with gentleness for yourself in the middle of the shitstorm just gave me more help and instruction than a year of intensive therapy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 💜


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