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Storm Peaked

We were going to meet the lineage of teachers. I was both excited and extremely nervous. We were told that they would or wouldn’t accept us into their line and that, if they did, they might ask something of us in return. Be respectful, be humble, be kind.

The base of the Mountain, that I now knew as Ausengate, was harsh and seemingly lifeless, decorated with jagged rocks across the landscape. I looked up to see if I could find my destination, but the top of this Mountain was obscured by a thick cloud cover. I searched around me to see if I could find a path or an easy way up, but instead, came face to face with a pure white mountain goat.

I had been told, prior to the journey, that when we got to the base, the Apu of the Mountain might appear as a white animal of some sort. I took this handsome goat before me as being Ausengate himself. I bowed respectfully and opened my hands to show him my offerings. His roaring voice echoed throughout the valleys of my mind, startling me.

“It’s good to meet you, young one. I can see why he chose you and the others for this path.” His voice is hard to describe. It was both human and like an avalanche with the loudest winds you could imagine hearing. It was commanding, but wise. It was forceful, but gentle. It made my voice completely flee, so I just bowed in thanks.

“I’m here to guide you. The way is difficult, but you will make it just fine if you follow my lead and let me carry you at certain times.”

At the start, the journey was more or less easy. The rocks were placed perfectly for me to step from each one respectively and our climb up was moving along quickly. At the midway point, my foot slipped and I began to fall. Ausengate was there to catch me. He pushed me up onto a rock so I could get my footing back. We rested here for a time before he looked at me with eyes that were beyond anything animal or human.

“Get out of your own perception of this. Allow the journey to be what it is and quit fighting so much.” He pushed me forward, gently but with a bit of force.

I had heard what He had said to me, but Ausengates words would take a while to sink in. I guess it was appropriate for Him to take the form of a Mountain Goat. To say I was hard headed is an understatement.

We got to the point where the ground leveled out and He turned to me.

“Now is the time. You should climb on my back. The rest of the journey to the Teachers is treacherous, you cannot make it on your own.” Ausengate turned for me to climb on, but I hesitated.

“I can make it on my own.” I attempted to sound brave. And failed.

“Don’t be so arrogant and allow your pride to stand in the way of completing your journey. The Teachers are not far now. It would be dishonoring to make them wait.” Ausengate’s tone was defensive and chiding, but as I looked up at the sheer cliff face, I swallowed my pride and clung to His animal form.

In an instant we were outside of the entrance that would lead me to The Teachers. I dismounted, patted His side, and took a shaky step forward.

“Do not be fooled by the illusions of your own mind. When it gets too hard, breathe and let go. They are expecting you.” Ausengate turned and sat on the edge of the cliff to look out into the world.

I took a deep breath and entered the Mountain. All around me were beautiful cave paintings along with torches and the beautiful woven tapestries of an almost forgotten society. The tunnel before me twisted and turned this way and that. I came up to a series of obstacles and worked my way through them carefully, believing this was part of the test of meeting Them. I came to a place with a large pit and a rope swing, but noticed the rope was far too short to make it to the other side. I decided to try my luck at the slim ledge that went around the pit, but it began to crumble beneath my feet. I tried to go back, but I began to pitch forward. The dark abyss of the inside of a Mountain is a terrifying thing to look at.

Ausengate’s words echoed back to me. Do not be fooled by the illusions of your own mind. I quickly closed my eyes and cleared my mind, only to smack face down into hard stone below me.

As I got to my feet, laughter reached my ears. I looked around and realized the entrance was directly to my right where I could see Ausengate patiently waiting and to my left a large cavern filled with people around a large fire.

A woman about my age came and helped me to my feet before leading me into the room with the others.

They made room for me to sit, passed me a bowl and a cup, and placed a traditional hat upon my head. “So you can understand us.”

We all spoke, at length, about many things until a gentleman on the opposite side stood to address everyone present, including myself. His voice was deliberate and strong as he spoke.

“She is to make a choice.” He stated. “One cannot walk a path divided in two and expect to succeed. If you are to continue on this path, you must give up the Norse Men. Completely.” He sat and the crowd, murmuring, turned to me and waited for my response.

I carefully set down my bowl and my cup to stand before them. “Would it be acceptable to ask for some time before I choose? I want to make sure I make the right decision.”

The crowd began to smile and look around at one another, but I only had eyes for the Man who had spoken. He looked upon me with an approving smile and nodded. I bowed in respect, returned the hat to the one who had gifted it to me, and retreated back out to Ausengate where I joined him on the cliffs edge.

“They rarely ask for anything easy.” He stated passively, still gazing out at the land before us. “You must be something worth while if they gave you a chance to consider. Don’t waste it.”

“Will you take me back down the mountain? I wish to return home.” My own voice surprised me with the amount of sadness it held.

Ausengate nodded and without moving, we were once again at the base of the Mountain. I thanked him before I departed.

If you know me, then you know what path I chose. I felt at the time, the Q’ero needed me the most, and in turn I needed them. If I were faced with this choice again, without a doubt or hesitation I would choose them. I won’t tell you the lesson behind this one, I think you’re capable of finding that on your own. However, a final word of warning. Do not go seeking these spirits out. Ausengate has the title “Boss Mountain” and “Storm Peaked” for a reason. He is not to be visited idly. And if you sought out the Lineage of Teachers, they would not be there. This story comes from a lineage-based practice and if you are interested in following this path, these teachings, please contact me for further information. It is highly rewarding and a very healing, energetic path. Much can be accomplished.

Published by Lady Storm

I am a spiritual practitioner that has walked many different paths. Some could call me a jack of all trades when it comes to belief systems. While I don't hold all the answers, I hold many tools that will help unearth answers to questions anyone may have.

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