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Cleaning up and clearing out: A Spiritual Practice

Not many of us enjoy cleaning. I am one of very few who actually find a bit of peace and comfort in cleaning up a disorganized area and getting rid of items that no longer serve me. Marie is really on to something when she talks about “If it doesn’t spark joy, it has no place in your life.” She has made an empire on teaching us how to let go and get organized. But let’s look at it from a spiritual point of view, and how you, my lovely practitioners, can utilize cleaning your space, office, room, home, car, etc as a spiritual practice.

               We can easily look at life and see only chaos, but what we don’t realize is that life looks back on us. Wait, what did she just say? Life looks back at us? Well, yes. Often times when we are surrounded by disorganized areas that we frequent, they can affect us in the same way that a person can passing us on the street. All things have and give off energy, right? So, if my office at home is cluttered and disorganized, I find that I have a hard time focusing. I don’t want to write, I don’t want to network, all I can focus on is the chaos that is my energy. I never realized that sometimes (note the word sometimes) my chaotic energy is largely due to the chaos around me. Once I learned that by cleaning up and finding “homes” for everything, my energy began to calm down and I was able to focus. Now, I have to organize a messy work area in order to focus on the task at hand. The greenhouse loves me because of this!

               So how do we make the process of cleaning into a spiritual practice? Well, lets look at energy first and how it can become trapped in a chaotic environment. You can sage until the neighbors call the cops because they think you’re running an illegal drug house, but no amount of smoke will ever be able to get into all the rooted in energy hidden away all around your house. You see, just like how a river can be damned by a few logs and mud, so too can the energy flow within your house be clogged by items left where they don’t belong. Thus, causing the rest of the happy loving energy within your home to become stagnant. Now, I’m not saying don’t sage, absolutely do so! In fact, find the best energetic cleanser that works best for you and cleanse often, just try cleaning the house first and see how much stuff gets stirred up!

               Cleaning as a spiritual practice is exceptionally easy. Before you start, cleanse yourself with the intent of finding and removing any “stuck” places within yourself so your own energy can flow easier while you wander around looking for the “stuck” places within your environment. Next, say a prayer and leave an offering (milk and honey is a good go to) to your house spirits (don’t know what those are? I’ll have another post soon talking about the beauties that run around your space, don’t worry). Ask them to help you root out the gunk and to help you find all the stuck areas so they can better do their job of keeping your house clean and safe. Talk to the spirit of your house/apartment/abode. They usually are invested in your comfort just as much as you are invested in the comfort and protection they provide. Finally, start cleaning. Once you start, it will be easy to fall into a semi-altered state as you move from room to room moving things around and releasing old energy and cleaning the dust off your favorite items. Don’t have the energy for a total house overhaul? One room at a time works just as well!

               As you go, remember to breathe. Take deep practiced breaths and keep yourself hydrated. Cleaning is a physical activity, so be sure to care for self before, during and after cleaning up your space.

               It’s important to note here that getting rid of stuff you haven’t seen or used in a year (unless it’s imperative to your health and life) that it’s time to get rid of it. And that’s ok! Allow yourself to say good-bye to items that you no longer use! Clean out your wardrobe and donate to local shelters, they especially need socks, but anything will be accepted. Clean out your crafting closet and send those along with those clothes you no longer wear. They will be grateful for something to do!

               When you’re finished moving and removing items from within your home, space, car whatever, open up one or all of the windows and begin your cleansing practice with whatever you use. Be it sage, palo santo, florida water, fire whatever speaks to you, and cleanse the energy within your home with intent. You will be surprised at the difference in how the energy feels once you are done.

               Now onto a deeper topic. Once you have practiced this method of cleaning up your house and actively rooting out the stagnant, stuck energy and getting rid of what no longer serves you, try turning that process upon yourself. Move around and feel where the energy within you is “stuck” and release it with the same feeling of letting go of the blouse you’ve been holding on to since high school. Declutter and reclaim yourself for yourself and let go of what practices no longer serve you. Let go of that energy and return the pieces back to where they belong, or find a new home for them within yourself. Sit with this practice, it will take a lot longer than the few hours it took you to clean your house. Allow the process to take as much time as it needs and allow yourself to let go of that energy that no longer serves you. Let go of the chaos, the stagnation, the stasis, the clutter within yourself and see how you feel once you do. If it helps, grab an ordinary or spiritual item and breathe all that stuck, gooey, heavy (hucha) energy into that item, really push it out and into whatever you chose with the intent of letting it all go. Then, if you have a relationship with a spirit ally in the form of a lake, river, tree, garden, park or something else outside, take that item to that place and after offering something to that spirit, ask them to take this energy for you. If you don’t have that kind of relationship, make a simple offering to Pachamama (mother earth) asking her to take it for you, and bury the item (as long as it’s nothing unnatural) with the intent of letting her refine it into something light (sami) and useful.

If that practice of cleaning up and cleaning out your own spiritual energy scares you, table it for now and instead just clean your house. Bottom line, set the intention of doing this for you. This is a practice of self-care. Our environment often dictates our mood, so when we have an environment we feel welcome and comfortable in, guess what? We often feel welcome and comfortable!

I hope you have enjoyed this topic. It’s something that I greatly enjoy practicing, even if having a teenager and a husband who makes keeping the house clean nearly impossible. If you have children, especially young children, I understand the impossibility of cleaning and keeping the house clean. But if you find a time where you can offer your house just a little bit of cleaning and organization, your house will respond in kind and so too will your children. If you can provide an environment that is less chaotic, there’s a chance they will notice that calm energy as well and be affected by it. At least until they drag all their toys out again, because why not?

Leave me a comment about what you liked/didn’t like. I’m a new blogger and am trying to become more well-rounded in the topics I talk about. If you have a question or a topic suggestion, please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to talk about whatever it is you’re interested in! Also catch me and my fellow hosts on the podcast Around Grandfather Fire where we talk about everything from spirituality, books, movies, games and more. Love to you all ❤

Published by Lady Storm

I am a spiritual practitioner that has walked many different paths. Some could call me a jack of all trades when it comes to belief systems. While I don't hold all the answers, I hold many tools that will help unearth answers to questions anyone may have.

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